Early intervention

Every parent/caregiver wants to be able to understand their child's thoughts, feelings wants and needs. Some children need support in reaching this milestone. 

South Carolina offers FREE Speech-Language Services for Children Birth-3
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Babynet Intake

Contact BabyNet through the following link to begin the intake process

Evaluation/ Screening

Undergo a developmental screening to determine eligibility.

Request Speech Services

Let your early interventionist know you would like Little Expressions Speech Therapy LLC for services

Complete Paperwork

Complete the following forms and obtain a speech therapy script from your child's pediatrician.

Email forms to: Cam@littleeexpressionsspeechtherapy.com

Toddler Playing

Birth to One Year

Typical Speech +

Language Milestones

One to Two Years

Typical Speech +

Language Milestones

Two to Three Years

Typical Speech +

Language Milestones