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Speech-Language Therapy

Our team of therapists can support your child at any stage in their development to help propel them forward. From working on developing basic play skills to supporting your child's academic success in the classroom, we aim to help move your child to the next stage of development to help them move confidently through any stage of their life.

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Early Intervention (Birth-3)

Speech Therapy Will:

1. Provide resources to support families

2. Improve relationships

3. Improve behavior

4. Promote future success in school

5. Make learning fun

Toddler Playing Drums
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Elementary/Middle School

Speech Therapy Will:

1. Developing reading/writing skills

2. Improve vocabulary

3. Improve fluency/speech sounds

4. Develop better comprehension

5. Support social communication and improve peer interactions

Sharing Student
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Speech Therapy Will:

1. Develop social relationships

2. Learn about routines/structure

3. Develop early literacy skills

4. Improve attention and understanding

Raising Arms
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Speech Therapy Will:

1. Improve academics

2. Improve literacy skills

3. Support social communication

4. Improve general communication

5. Teach real world skills

6. Improve executive thinking and problem solving

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