Where does therapy

take place?

Therapy will take place right at your home!


No problem, therapists can see your children at daycare, a grandparent's house or anywhere else your child might be during the day. 


Research continues to show that children between the ages of birth-3 benefit more when therapy takes place in their natural environment.

How often will

a therapist

be in my home?

Typically, speech therapy will take place weekly for about an hour.


However, frequency and duration may vary for some children depending on their individual needs. 

What can parents

do during


Little Expressions Speech Therapy expects that families will attend and participate in weekly therapy activities.


This is because carry-over of session activities during the week is critical for progress and language learning.


As a therapist, I only get 1 hour once a week with a child on average. That means that during the other 6 days and 23 hours it is important families continue to work with their children to promote more success in developing early communication skills.

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