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Typical Speech-Language Milestones: Articles & Resources

Birth to One Year

Birth-3 Months (Expected Developmental Milestones)

4-6 Months (Expected Developmental Milestones)

7 Months- 1 Year (Expected Developmental Milestones)

What can you do at home?

  1. Get hearing checked

  2. Talk to your child and imitate the sounds he/she makes

  3. Laugh when your child does and imitate facial expressions he/she makes

  4. Practice Turn-Taking: Imitating actions (peek-a-boo, clapping, blowing kisses, and waving bye-bye).

  5. Talk about what you do during the day.

  6. Talk about where you go, what you do there, and who and what you see.

  7. Teach animal and play sounds (e.g., a cow says ‘moo’, whoa, ya, uh oh)

  8. READ to your child every day. (recommend developing reading routine at night)

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